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Excella Kennels

CKC Perm Reg'd Code of Ethics Breeder Established 1987

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Proud breeder of this incredible working dog, beloved family pet, loyal friend and guardian for over 30 years. Commmitted to breeding top quality Rottweilers with sound body and minds, good health and longevity. Pedigrees including some of the best lines from the United States, Canada and Germany. Our goal to produce value and improve the breed. For those looking for family pets we want to ensure our dogs live long happy healthy lives. We offer a full guarantee, every resource and ongoing support with all our dogs.

Our breeding stock

As a CKC permanent registered Kennel and code of ethics breeder we ensure all of our breeding stock have the following certifications OFA Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Thyroid and Eyes. All of our current breeding dogs will have CHIC#'s making records available to the public. You can also find pictures and documentation of every dog ensuring generations are free of dysplasia and other genetic defects on our website.

What are people saying

Gerry and Helga Levasseur

Edmonton, Alberta

At twelve, Lisa started taking her riding more seriously; this led us to Baywood Park Ltd. in California. Bob Battaglia and the late Randy Shockley had just formed their partnership. With over 90 National wins, they were fast becoming industry leaders. Lisa convinced us to let her go to California and Bob and Randy to take her on as a working student. She worked hard to gain experience in many aspects of the Arabian industry and earned the opportunity to assist them in training National calibre horses. Lisa had numerous Class A and Regional wins throughout California and area. In 1987, when Randy passed away and Baywood was closing its doots, she returned home.

Bob Battaglia

Texas, USA

I feel Lisa has become an accomplished horsewoman with a tremendous understanding of the Arabian horse and a talent for training and showing them.

Bill Shockley

Arkansas, USA

I met the Levasseurs through my son's business affiliation. I watched Lisa, over the years, work and learn from the ground up. She continues to show the determination and talent to be successful in the Arabian industry.

Tosca Throness

Stony Plain, Alberta

I started taking lessons with Lisa in 1989. Her knowledge, experience and incredible care for the horses has created an excellent environment in which to learn. Like me, students have the opportunity to experience all the wonder of the Arabian industry. Thank you Lisa.

Our Partners


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