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About Us

Established in 1987, breeding Rottweilers remains a labour of love, we are committed to raising happy, healthy, well socialized puppies that meet or exceed breed standards.


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My family has been breeding dogs, German Sheppards and Dobermans, since I was a child. Our dogs have been used by the Edmonton City Police and in Pet Therapy. I was willed my first Rottweiler in 1987, when my employer passed away. She was an incredible dog, I fell in love with the breed and began raising puppies with her.

Breeding Rottweilers remains a labour of love, I am committed to raising happy, healthy, well socialized puppies that meet or exceed breed standards. I have made every effort to breed to the best available males and over the years kept only the best puppies to continue breeding. We've successfully sold generations of dogs to good homes and have excellent references.

As a AKC permanent registered Kennel and code of ethics breeder we ensure all of our breeding stock have the following certifications OFA Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Thyroid and Eyes. All of our breeding dogs have CHIC#'s making records available to the public. You can also find pictures and documentation of every dog ensuring generations are free of dysplasia and other genetic defects on our website.

I 'm more than happy to work with established breeders. Every breeding is carefully planed based on pedigree and the characteristics of our dogs and we choose from the best of the breed around the world. Health, confirmation, beauty and above all temperament are all taken into consideration. This provides a solid foundation on which to produce better value and help improve the breed.

There's no reason to be intimidated by the high price of some litters. For those looking for family pets, not all dogs in every litter are recommended for breeding. We offer a discount on dogs with a spay or neuter clause in the contract. They are all worth every penny when you consider the cost of looking after a dog with inherent health problems from disreputable breeders.

If new owners for any reason cannot keep one of our dogs and find another suitable home we take them back. We do on occasion rescue or rehabilitate Rottweiler dogs and work with rescue organizations to help place Rottweiler dogs. If you can provide a good home please let us know. If you don't care about pedigrees, certifications and guarantees, please consider adoption and do not buy puppies from breeders contributing to this problem.

We only have a litter or two every few years or other year, so reservations are highly recommended. Our puppies sold are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and we provide a full guarantee with ongoing support. We do not charge extra for breeding rights, all dogs are sold with non-breeding papers which will be lifted if your dog meets breeding standards.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the breed, we welcome all inquiries. We often have access to dogs, breeding rights and puppies from other breeders, that may not be advertised on our site. We can also act as an agent free of charge to help you connect with breeders worldwide to ensure you find what you want.

The website gives you access to sales contracts and helpful links and information on the breed, raising puppies, dog care as well as training. Click here to learn how to choose a Rottweilier breeder